Nevaeh is a proud Māori from Ōtara. She is 18 years old and was a prefect leader at Tangaroa college. She’s one of the founders for the Code444 movement, a student-led movement created to take action on school violence in Ōtara and to promote unity through peaceful actions and is heavily involved in The Ōtara Youth Hub.

Neveah’s goals are to enhance youth voice in Ōtara and bring attention to their opinions in major decision-making. As a young person, she knows there is a lot to be done in supporting her peers and being heavily engaged in community work in Ōtara she also knows the needs of our community.

In 2022 she was unable to run in the local body elections due to her age at the time so she took on the role of campaign manager for her peers. She is ready to step up now that she can!